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  EXOTIC (WILD) SPECIES - Triangular Spot Pigeon (Columba guinea)

Description: The mantle, wing-coverts and breast area are a burnt umber with a purplish-red sheen on the adult male. The body is a bluish-gray. The interesting markings of white triangular-shaped marks tip the wing shield. When the wing is closed the white markings look nearly like poke-a-dots. The wing feathers are a dull gray. The tail is a Payne's gray with paler gray central bar; two outermost feathers are tipped in white. A jeweled bifurcated necklace encompasses the neck. Each "jewel" is chestnut, tipped in a metallic silvery-green. In some individuals the "jewels" are a pinkish sort of silver. The rest of the body is basically typical grayish-blue and nearly silver on the rump. The head is indeed a work of art. Narrow white "eyebrows"divide the bright red skin around the eyes. In some individuals the orbital skin can be orangish-red or even a purplish-red. This orbital skin is diamond shaped. Eyes are bright yellow, sometimes orange or gold in some individuals. Legs and feet are pale pink. The bill is a dark gray or even black. Both the adult male and the adult female are very similar in appearance. The male usually has brighter orbital skin than the female and is a tiny bit larger. Juveniles are much duller in color than either parent and lack the spotting. Both juvenile sexes look the same.

Thanks to Tony Brancato for his help with this page.

Other Names:

African Rock Pigeon,Red-eyed Pigeon,Guinea Pigeon, Hackled Pigeon


Natural Habitat:

The Triangular-spotted pigeon are inhabitants of rocks, cliffs and even buildings throughout the African contenent. This species does not inhabit forested or open grasslands.

Status in Wild: ...


Housing: The aviary for Triangular-spotted pigeons needs to be spacious .These birds are large and require ample space to fly and be high enough to feel secure.

Temperatures: ...

Feeding: Triangular-spotted pigeons thrive on any commercial pigeon feed.

Breeding: The Triangular-spotted pigeon is not difficult to breed in captivity. Since this specie is a large pigeon the aviary needs to be large. An aviary that is six foot wide by twelve feet long and six feet high will do nicely for one pair of Triangular-spotted pigeons. If more that one pair is to be kept together, obiviously the aviary needs to be much larger.

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