Ringneck Doves: A Handbook of Care and Breeding by Wade Oliver
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  EXOTIC (WILD) SPECIES - Ruddy Ground Dove (Columbina talpacoti)


Adult male: The forehead is greyish-white grading to bluish-grey on the top of the head, nape and back of the neck. The mantle is reddish-pink with greyish wash. The scapulars, tertials, wing-coverts, back, rump, uppertail-coverts and inner two pairs of rectrices are reddish-brown. The outer three pairs of tail feathers are dark brown. The tertials, outer scapulars and inner greater and median wing-coverts have balckish-purple stripes on the outerwebs. The chin and throat are white. The face, sides of neck and breast are pale reddish-pink grading to pinkish-brown on the belly, flanks and undertail-coverts. The undertail are blackish-brown with whitish edgings. The underwing-coverts and axillaries are black. The underside of flight feathers are reddish-brown with brown tips. The color of the iris is variable, dark brown with red outer ring. There is a narrow grey eye-ring. The bill is black. The legs and feet are reddish-pink.

Adult female: Females are generally ashy grey-brown above and paler ashy-grey below. The forehead is greyish-white grading to greyish-brown on the top pf the head, back of the neck, mantle and back to the inner rectrices. The outer rectrices are dark brown with white tips. The tertials and inner wing-coverts are ashy-brown grading to more rufescent outer wing-coverts (covert and tertial markings identical to those in male). The inner secondaries are dull ashy-brown grading to red-brown outer secondaries and primaries. The chin and throat are whitish grading to ashy-grey on the neck and the breast, and to slightly paler greyish-white on the belly and undertail-coverts. The underwing-coverts and axillaries are black as in the male.

Juvenile: Considerably duller, juveniles are more of a buff hue overall. In immature male, the red-brown coloration appears first rather patchily with red-brown inner wing-coverts and mantle feathering. The feet and tarsi are dull red.

Other Names:

Cinnamon Dove, Blue-headed Ground Dove

Subspecies: C. t. eluta, C. t. rufipennis, C. t. caucae, C. t. talpacoti

Natural Habitat:

Humid and drier regions in open, semi-open and wooded habitats.

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