Ringneck Doves: A Handbook of Care and Breeding by Wade Oliver
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  EXOTIC (WILD) SPECIES - Pigmy Ground Dove (Columbina minuta)


Adult male: The forehead is pale pinkish-grey. The top of the head, nape, back of the neck and upper mantle are grey or pinkish-grey. The mantle, scapulars, tertials, inner secondaries, inner greater and median wing-coverts, back, rump, uppertail-coverts and inner two pair of remiages are greyish-brown. The outer rectrices are blackish-brown with broad white tips. The outer secondaries and primaries are red-brown with brown tips. The primary wing-coverts are red-brown with blackish-brown tips and edges to the outwebs. The tertials, inner two median and inner two greater wing-coverts have metallic blackish-purple subterminal line on the outerwebs. The remaining wing-coverts are pale greyish-brown with innermost lesser wing-coverts with purplish-black spots. The chin and throat are whitish. The face, sides of the neck and the breast are pale pinkish-grey becoming more greyish on the belly, flanks and undertail-coverts. The undertail is blackish-brown with greyish-white tips. The underwing-coverts and axillaries are reddish-brown. The underside of flight feathers is reddish-brown with brown tips. The iris is variable, yellow-brow or orange. The orbital skin is blue-grey. The bill is black. The legs and feet are bright coral-red.

Adult female: Females are generally duller. Similarly colored to teh males above, but rather ashy grey-brown below.

Juvenile: Juveniles are considerably duller and more greyish-brown overall. The scapulars and wing-coverts are fringed buff-brown. The wing-covert spotting is much more obscure and more brownish-black. The feet and tarsi are dull red.

Other Names:

Plain-breasted Ground Dove, Little/Grey/Plain Ground Dove

Subspecies: C. m. interrupta, C. m. elaeodes, C. m. minuta, C. m. amazilia

Natural Habitat:

Drier, open habitats such as thinly vegetated arid scrub, lightacacia woodland with open canopy and understorey, savanna and scrubland.

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