Ringneck Doves: A Handbook of Care and Breeding by Wade Oliver
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  EXOTIC (WILD) SPECIES - Golden Heart Dove (Gallicolumba rufigula)


Adult: Forehead to about the top of the head is a warm orangey-buff. Top of head to nape is rich purplish-brown merging into the maroon-brown mantle and side of the breast which is washed with blue-grey. Supercilium from above the middle of the eye, and spreading out behind the ear-coverts, are pale slaty-blue. The lores and ear-coverts are a soft pinkish. Scapulars and wing-coverts are rich maroon-brown. Lesser, median and greater coverts are all variably tipped blue-grey forming four distinct wing-bars. the tertials, secondaries and primaries are dark brown; the secondaries are warmer and edged pale buff apically. The back to the uppertail-coverts and central tail fathers are rich maroon-brown. The outermost two variably grey with variable blackish subterminal bands and clear grey apical bands on each. The chin and throat are creamy white with golden-straw suffusion across the centre. The abdomen is creamy, shading into the buff vent and undertail-coverts. Flanks and axillaries are dull brown with creamy-yellow fringes to the feathers forming a barred pattern. The undertail is dark brown with a grey tip. Underwing-coverts are dark brownish-grey with creamy tips to some coverts forming a barred pattern. Underside of the flight feathers is grey. Iris is dark magenta-brown and orbital skin is grey-brown. The bill is dark slate, tinged magenta with a dull olive tip. Feet are dull purplish-red.

Juvenile: Similar to the adult but the blue-grey of the supercilium is less developed. Grey wing-bars are narrower and washed buff. The breast is suffused in pinkish-buff. Iris is dull brown and the bill is dull olive-red with a dull brown tip. The feet are dull olive-red.

Other Names:

Cinnamon Ground Dove, Red-throated Ground Dove, Golden-heart Pigeon

Subspecies: G. r. rufigula, G. r. septentrionalis, G. r. alaris, G. r. orientalis, G. r. helviventris

Natural Habitat:

Closed-canopy primary rainforest and monsoon forest.

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