Ringneck Doves: A Handbook of Care and Breeding by Wade Oliver
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EXOTIC (WILD) SPECIES - Celebes Quail Dove (Gallicolumba tristigmata)


Adult male: From the forehead to about the middle of the top of the head is golden-buff becoming paler straw-colored near the bill. Bill is dark grey tinted with purplish-red on the base. The iris is brown or dark brown and the orbital skin is bluish. From about the top of the head to the nape is bright iridescent green, reflecting turquoise in some lights and bordered behind by a band of deep royal purple extending from the rear of the ear feathers across the nape. The lores are blackish-grey. The ear feathers and supercilium behind the eye are grey. The back of the neck, mantle and sides of breast are dark olive-brown glossed with purple and green according to the angle. Scapulars and tertials are dark olive brown, with the uppertail slightly warmer brown. The outer two feathers on each side are blacker and broadly tipped pale grey especially on the outermost pair. The chin and throat are pale grey shading into darker grey on the breast and belly. Thighs are slightly warmer grey-brown than the flanks. Undertail feathers are dull brown-grey. The underwing-coverts and axillaries are dark brown with broad buff and white tips to some feathers forming a barred pattern. Underside of the primaries and secondaries are dark grey-brown. The feet are pinkish-red.

Adult female: As male but duller.

Juvenile: Juveniles are generally brown with the yellow and white parts of the plumage replaced by creamy-rufous and many of the feathers edged rufous. Nape-band is a dull purplish-brown.

Other Names:

Sulawesi Ground Dove, Yellow-breasted / Celebes Ground Dove

Subspecies: G. t. tristigmata, G. t. bimaculata, G. t. auripectus

Natural Habitat:

Rainforest and dry forest.

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