Ringneck Doves: A Handbook of Care and Breeding by Wade Oliver
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EXOTIC (WILD) SPECIES - Blue Ground Dove (Claravis pretiosa)


Adult male: The forehead is whitish blue-grey grading to bluish-grey at the top of the head. Iris is red or reddish-brown, pinkish or yellow. The narrow eye-ring is greyish olive-green and the bill is greenish-olive. The chin and throat are white. Face, sides of neck and breast are bluish-grey, grading to pale grey on the belly and flanks. The nape, back of the neck, mantle, scapulars, tertials, wing-coverts, back, rump and uppertail-coverts and inner two pairs of tail feathers are also bluish-grey. The outer tail feathers are black. Tertials, inner greater and median wing-coverts have broad blackish-blue patches edged white on the outer edges. The lesser wing-coverts have white-edged blackish-blue spots. The inner secondaries are dark bluish grey grading to blackish-brown primaries. Undertail-feathers are bluish-grey edged paler-grey -no white edges. The underwing feathers and axillaries are blue-grey. The underside of flight feathers are blackish brown. Legs anf feet are reddish-pink.

Adult female: Generally fawn-brown above and paler creamy buff-brown below. The chin and throat are whitish grading to creamy-buff or whitish-buff on the neck and breast, and then to white on the belly and undertail feathers. The forehead and top of the head are greyish-brown grading to fawn-brown at the back of the neck, mantle and back. The lower back, rump and uppertail-coverts are red-brown, the inner tail feathers slightly darker. The outer tail feahers are dark brown with narrow buff-brown tips. Tertials and wing-coverts are olive-brown. The covert and tertial markings are similar to those in male but reddish-brown or maroon. Secondaries are dull brown grading to blackish-brown on outer secondaries and primaries feathers. Underwing feathers and axillaries are brown.

Juvenile: Similar to females overall, but with faint buff fringes to most of the mantle, scapulars, wing-coverts and breast. Wing feathers have dull blackish-brown spots. Feet and taris are dull red.

Other Names:

Ashy/ Cinereous Ground Dove


Natural Habitat:

Humid and semi-humid forests, dry deciduous woodland, sandy-belt forests, and scrubby habitats.

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