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One day, my husband spotted a really fat dove sitting on a telephone line.
He said to himself, "I bet that dove is going to lay eggs!"
A few days later, a dove was sitting on a nest outside our bedroom window.
We watched the nest for several days - there were two doves and one of them was always sitting on the nest.
When they changed sitters, about twice a day, we could see that there were two eggs.

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5/27/2006 Changing of the "Guard" The female dove leaves the nest after the male comes to take over sitting on the eggs.
5/29/2006 Remodeling The male dove brings pieces of grass as the female adds them to the loosely woven nest.
6/1/2006 First Hatched Day One The first baby has hatched and the father is feeding it "dove's milk".
6/2/2006 Second Birdie Hatched The second baby birdie has hatched.  The mother feeds it and then takes the empty shell away.
6/4/2006 Two-Three Days Old You can only see the babies when the parents change off sitting on the nest.
6/7/2006 Preening The father is preening the hatchlings.
6/9/2006 Feeding and Chipmunk The father feeds both babies at the same time.
Later that morning, a chipmunk attacks the nest.
6/13/2006 Bye-Bye Birdies

The babies flew the nest today. 

    Later that evening we saw them still sitting in the tree, but not in the nest, with one of the parent doves.

The next day, Ed trimmed the tree back but left the nest. 

A day later one of the baby birds was back in the nest and it looked like the parents were showing the young bird how to build a nest.

A day later we looked out and there was a new egg in the nest!  The next day there were two eggs!



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