The Ringneck Dove
(Streptopelia risoria)

The common Ringneck dove has been domesticated for thousands of years. It is also known as Barbary Dove, White Dove, Magician's Dove, Peace Dove, and Love Dove, among others. This is a totally domestic bird, they do not exist in the wild, although it is assumed by many that they are descended from the African Collared Dove (Streptopelia roseogrisea), but have changed somewhat (size, sound) from that species.

Ringneck doves come in many colors, due to the many mutations that have been found by fanciers. The white color is the most common, followed by the Fawn (blonde). There are over 40 different color combinations that have been observed.

One thing that is very important to know about the White Ringneck Doves. They are NOT the right birds to be used in 'releases' for weddings or other ceremonies, as they have no homing instinct, and soon become victims of predators or starvation. The birds used for releases are actually pure White HOMING PIGEONS, also known as White Rock Doves. White Ringneck doves are fine for sitting in a cage looking pretty for a wedding, but please do not release them. A recent article on explains more. Also, please see White Dove Releases for more information.

Something fun to see: Pied male dove courting Pink male dove courting (wmv files, ~1Mb each)

The pictures below show just some of the colors and feather types available (top: Tufted Orange Whiteback Silky male (Elvis). On the top left, you see him with his first 2 babies, the darker one is show in the bottom right as an adult... Ash Silky. Bottom left is a Peach, see my Gallery and Links pages for more:

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